S/S Norway Up Close

These photos of the S/S Norway were all taken during a cruise of the eastern Caribbean, from January 27 to Feb. 4, 2002. These scenes were all taken either aboard, or from very near in a tender or in the Miami port.

A "Crew Only" door on the Olympic deck.
A bell near the bow on the Olympic deck.

The Little Norway 3, tucked under the Olympic deck.
The windows of our cabin, I002, as seen from the Olympic deck.

Gauges on the Olympic deck.
A porthole and windows on the Olympic deck.

Casting off from Miami.
Another casting-off shot.

The bow, with the Little Norway 2 in place.
The "Norway" lettering, as seen from the back.

"The "Norway" lettering, as seen from the front.
The Pool Deck pool and the Great Outdoor Restaurant.

A lifeboat as seen from the Olympic deck.
A closer shot of the larger pool.

This assembly is euphemistically referred to as "the Christmas tree."
Another shot of the bow and the Little Norway 2.

The ship as seen from the boarding area in the Miami port.
As seen from a tender being loaded (my son is proud of this shot).

Another view of a lifeboat from the Olympic deck.
A view of the bow with the Little Norway 1 in place.

A workman performs davit maintenance, as seen from Fjord deck balcony.

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