Atlantis Submarine

On Thursday, January 31, 2002, we ventured below the waves in one of the Atlantis submarines. The very rough ride in a speedboat from St. Thomas out to the submarine launch site made the kids a bit queasy, the only time on the entire cruise that was the case. The submarine ride itself was very smooth and the ship was well-designed for its purpose. There were no more than two people assigned to each of the two-foot portholes, so there was no need to negotiate camera or viewing angles.

Inside the sub, looking back toward the hatch.
Heads-up warning and depth meter.

Coral, coral, coral!
Sergeant-major fish (thank you to Bob Botts for the ID!).

Caribbean reef shark.
Yellow-tail snappers.

Sea turtle, in lower right-hand corner.
The submarine resubmerges.

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